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North Shore Coaching Bella Vista Success Stories

North Shore Coaching College Bella Vista OC Selective

Message from Mr. Andy Mak – National Principal


North Shore Coaching College (NSCC) has been operating for over 28 years cementing its position as Australia’s leading tuition college catering for students from Year 1 to Year 12. Since its inception in 1991, NSCC has grown from one centre to over 60 centres across Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, centres are located in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory and South Australia.


North Shore students have continued to excel in many areas. Our students received the most Independent School Scholarships, with more than 175 students winning places in our country’s most prestigious private schools.

We have been consistently receiving good news of North Shore students who have been offered placements in Opportunity Classes, Selective High Schools and Private School Scholarships.

HSC Success

Congratulations to our HSC students. Over 150 Year 12 students feature in the Distinguished Achievers List every year. Many of our students attained exceptional ATAR scores.

Other illustrious success stories include one of our student achieving top place with a full scholarship in Cambridge University. North Shore Coaching College is proud to have played such an integral part in helping her achieve her dream of studying Law at the Cambridge University.

In addition, we would like to acknowledge the outstanding students who have placed first in various HSC subject.

Selective School Placement Test

A North Shore Coaching student (Eric Rong) attained the highest ever aggregate Selective Schools Placement Test score (296.06/300). He also received a 100% scholarship to Sydney Grammar School and an offer of placement at James Ruse Agricultural High School. He was awarded full marks in the Maths Olympiad as well as high distinctions in each of the year 6 ICAS tests. Results in Spelling were outstanding, resulting in the ICAS Gold Medal for excellence. It was the unanimous decision of the selection committee to award him the honour of the first ever 6 years scholarship to the North Shore Coaching College.

Opportunity Class (OC) Placement Test

North Shore Students achieved TOP SCORES in OC Placement Tests.

Jason Liu attained the highest ever in the Opportunity Class Placement Test score (289.28/300) & Geraldine Yang attained the highest score (287.87/300). 


The research division of North Shore Coaching College (NSCC) continues to work on new and ongoing projects aimed at improving student standard and discovering new methods of learning. NSCC teamed up with the University of Melbourne and won a research grant from the Australian Government to discover appropriate intervention strategies for improving problem solving outcomes of middle-primary to lower-high school students. This places NSCC on a sound platform to ensure that our students are able to benefit from new teaching methodologies to ensure that they fulfil their potential. I am confident that with the combined effort of our experienced and motivated team of teachers, diligent and friendly staff and innovative and caring management team, NSCC will continue to achieve excellence and beyond.


NSCC also supports many community projects, having supported sporting groups, music competitions, chess competitions and other extra-curricular projects in the community, along with charity donations to organizations such as Breast Cancer Foundation, Red Cross, Alzheimer's Australia and Aged Care Nursing Homes.


NSCC organizes a variety of annual competitions including Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads (APSMO), Creative Problem Solving Competition (CPS), Logical Thinking Challenge (LTC), Father's Day and Mother's Day Poetry Competitions, Selective Written Assessment Test (SWAT), International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS), High Achiever & Young Achiever Scholarship Exams.

The North Shore Annual Presentation is our way of acknowledging and celebrating the exceptional academic achievements of our students. Find out more here.


North Shore Coaching College (NSCC) believes in fostering each child’s potential and hence offers a range of structured term and holiday programs tailored to each child’s age and ability.

NSCC operates in accordance with a number of key values that aim to provide meaningful feedback to students and parents regarding progress; ensure a secure learning environment; and to continually improve our service provision.

Through regular formal assessments and ongoing teacher evaluation, NSCC is able to assist students realize their full potential by identifying areas in which they need to improve.

It is important for children to feel secure in their learning environment, so here at NSCC we do not tolerate any form of discrimination and demand the highest standard of professionalism from our teachers. We are constantly working towards improving the professional practice of our staff by systematically reviewing our teaching materials.

Continual improvement of our curriculum and teaching methods ensures you can be confident of the quality of all services provided as these core values underpin our educational goals.

Message from Professor Patrick Griffin

Director, Assessment Research Centre

The University of Melbourne

For the past fifteen years the University of Melbourne, through its Assessment Research Centre, has been collaborating with the North Shore Coaching College to conduct the Creative Problem Solving Competition.

During that time we have studied the process of problem solving and shared a great deal of excitement as children from all over Australia have shown that they are clever, creative and competitive. The standard of work produced by the students has been of the highest standard and our studies have shown that the children’s work is among the best in the world. So many of the students have been successful in many other ways as well, from gaining access to selective schools, winning scholarships and success in other competitive academic pursuits.

The University of Melbourne is looking forward to the next phase of the Creative Problem Solving competition in which we will be presenting the materials via the computer and then via the Internet. These are exciting developments and will place the North Shore Coaching College competition at the forefront of the world’s problem solving assessment strategies. The staff of the university working on the project will continue to include the world’s leaders in this field of research and development and we can confidently expect that North Shore Coaching College will retain its place in the leadership of such approaches to assessment.

More important however is the motive behind the North Shore Coaching College involvement. The incentive for the company to remain involved is their aim to celebrate excellence and to encourage high-level performances. In this way the North Shore Coaching College is making a serious contribution to the pursuit of excellence in Australia and the University’s Assessment Research Centre is proud to be associated with the work. Thank you for the opportunities the project has given to Australia’s children.

The most recent contribution of Mr. Mak is the Logical Thinking Challenge which thousands of students participated.