ICAS & AMC - Bella Vista Testing Centre

It is with pride we announce that North Shore Coaching College is an authorised testing centre of the ICAS and Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC).

Booking is currently closed. We will update this page for the next ICAS & AMC tests. Thank you for visiting the page.

If you would like to learn more about the ICAS and AMC tests, please read the useful information below.

North Shore Coaching Bella Vista ICAS Tests Tutoring OC Selective

It is with pride that we announce that the North Shore Coaching College is an official International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (ICAS) Testing Centre. For over 30 years ICAS has taken place annually in schools throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, the Pacific region and South Africa. 

ICAS provides an opportunity for all students to gain a measure of their own achievement in an external assessment situation. It provides teachers, parents and students with comprehensive reporting of results in Digital Technologies, English, Mathematics, Science, Spelling and Writing.

All students receive a UNSW certificate and an individual student report indicating which questions they answered correctly, their total score as well as their average compared with the rest of the students in the state. The student report is also useful for highlighting student strengths and weaknesses in the skills and processes in the ICAS test that they participate in.

North Shore Coaching Bella Vista ICAS Tests Tutoring OC Selective

It is with pride we announce that North Shore Coaching College is an authorised Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) Testing Centre. The AMC has been held annually since 1978, and is administered by the Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT), which is under the Trusteeship of the University of Canberra. Currently, students in over 30 countries sit this competition. Your child is invited to participate in 2018.

The AMC aims to be accessible to all students from Years 3 to 12, not just the mathematically gifted. There is an emphasis on problem solving, and the questions are designed to recognise and stimulate talent that is not so readily identified in normal assessment, and to be fun for the student. The problems are designed to test mathematical thinking rather than focus on calculations themselves, thus such questions are designed so that they can be answered just as quickly without a calculator as with one. The problems become more difficult through the competition.

All students receive a certificate and a detailed report showing how they performed on each problem with wider statistical rankings. Over 1,000 students share the prizes and around 50% of participants qualify to receive a Certificate of High Distinction, Distinction or Credit. All other entrants in the competition receive a Certificate of Participation or a Proficiency Certificate. Medals are awarded to students with an outstanding result. All Australian prize winners in 2018 will be given free entry to the 2018 Australian Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad (AIMO), which is the first screening competition for the prestigious Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee Invitational Program. The Australian Mathematics Foundation has the final decision in the distribution of awards.

The highest scores achieved at the North Shore Coaching College will be recognised by a special award to be given at the discretion of the National Principal.

North Shore Coaching College has past AMC papers that may be purchased to assist your child prepare for the examinations. These past papers provide a valuable opportunity to gain test experience whilst acquainting candidates with the style and content of possible question types.