High Potential and Gifted Education Policy

The NSW Government's High Potential and Gifted Education Policy promotes engagement and challenge for every student, regardless of background, in every school across intellectual, creative, social-emotional and physical domains. It supports every student to achieve their educational potential, through talent development opportunities and differentiated teaching and learning practices to ensure that their specific learning and well-being needs are met.

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Source: education.nsw.gov.au

When will the new policy come into effect?

The High Potential and Gifted Education Policy will be operating in all schools in NSW by day 1, Term 1, 2021. Schools can now familiarise themselves with the policy, engaging in professional learning and planning.

Why does the NSW Education Department have a new policy?

  • The new policy will replace the 2004 Gifted and Talented Policy. It reflects recent research which indicates that high potential and gifted students will not develop their potential without additional support and differentiated learning experiences.

  • The new policy recognises that a broader approach is needed to ensure all students who are gifted or have high potential maximise their learning outcomes.

  • The new policy addresses four key areas of potential and gifted education – intellectual, creative, social-emotional and physical.