Test Preparation & Test Taking Strategies

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Prepare yourself mentally

Maintain a positive attitude

 Learn relaxation techniques

 Visualize success

 Set goals

 Use positive self-talk

Why do we need test taking skills?

 These skills can help you be successful as a student

 Testing does not stop after university. You may need to take tests to keep your credentials up to date in your professional career.

Before the Test

 Do daily, weekly and major review sessions

 Schedule reviews

 Create study checklists

 Create mind map summary sheet

 Make flash cards

 Monitor your reviews

 Take a practice test

 Get copies of old exams

During the Test

 Get to class on time

 Survey the entire test prior to taking it

 Take a few deep breaths and relax tense muscles- repeat throughout the test

 Read directions carefully- ask questions

 Answer easier questions first - this will help calm you down

 Manage your time and keep an eye on the clock

After the Test

 Reflect:

 How did you feel about the test?

 How effective were your study strategies?

 Did you accurately predict some of the test questions?

 Review what questions you missed

 Discuss items you did not understand with your instructor

 Review your strengths on test taking

 Review areas where you could improve

Strategies Based on Question Type:

Multiple Choice

 Answer each question in your head first

 Read all answers before selecting one

 Test each possible answer

 Eliminate incorrect answers


 Read the entire question

 Look for qualifiers: All, most, sometimes, rarely, always, never.

 Find the devil in the details

 Dates, numbers, specific facts.

 Watch for negatives

 The results are not inconclusive.

 Cancel the negatives to turn it into a positive statement = The results are conclusive.

Essay Writing

 What is the question asking?

 Outline

 Get to the point

 Write legibly

 Write on one side of the paper only

 This leaves space on the back to go back and write points you may have forgotten

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