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Wow! It's that time of the year again. Getting kids properly active and learning is tough in this digital age. Don't stress - thanks to our North Shore Coaching Bella Vista mums who shared their ideas!

Mum A - Based on research, children who read during the summer do better upon returning to school because they’ve kept their minds active. My husband and I find quality educational summer activities for their children. They will return to school refreshed and confident to face any challenges ahead!

Mum B -  You have to assess their interests and then choose what’s best for each kid. Planning is the best.

Mum C - We always check available activities before the holiday begins. I check what the city offers, web sites and talk to other parents. For us, swimming, camping, biking, parks and anything that has to do with the outdoors. We also enrol them in different summer programs so they create new friends and new knowledge that they can embrace. 

Mum D - I find it very important to keep my children learning while they are home. They do some crafts and a lot of reading. We also attend the Summer Holiday program in English & Maths and they really enjoy it!

Worried about the long summer break ahead and keeping your kids entertained? Call our friendly team anytime to learn more about the fun and educational programs we have for the kids this summer holiday!


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