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North Shore Coaching has been operating for more than 27 years. What distinguishes North Shore from other coaching or tutoring centres?

Do you have a system of awards?

Does North Shore Coaching Bella Vista offer referral incentives?

How long will it take for my child to catch up?

Are we able to join a class mid-term or mid-year?

Do you have a structured curriculum?

Selective School & Opportunity Class (OC) Test Preparation

What are NSW Selective Schools?

What are Opportunity Classes (OC)?

Who can apply for Selective School Entry Test?

Who can apply for OC?

How should I choose a Selective High School?

How should I choose an OC School?

How are students ranked for the Selective School Entry?

How are students ranked for OC?

When should Yr5 students start the Selective Trial Test course?

When should students start the OC Trial Test Course?

How does the OC/Selective Trial Test Course help students gain entry into OC/selective high schools?

Timetable & Fees

What are your rates and where can I find the timetable?


Can you provide references from families you've helped in the past?

Location & Parking

Are you easily accessible? Do you have parking?

Fees & Payment

Do you accept major credit cards?

How much does it cost?

Free Trial Lessons

Do you offer free trial lessons?

Why do we offer free trial lessons?